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Clubhouse #TurboDorktober is on the 30th October 2023 at Brinkburn Street Brewery, NE6!

We need help painting our Orc Blood Bowl teams and have a selection of paints from Turbo Dork to do it!

Will you pick up a paintbrush and help!? Come on down!


Assemble a squad and put yourself up against other members in our first Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team League.

Free to members - Prizes to be won.

Clubhouse Presents : NOSvember

Our first tournament! Providing people with everything they need to play Gaslands, with crazy cars, amazing boards and awesome prizes! 

NOSvember flyer - Square.png
ABC Logo.png

Gaslands at Anarchy Brew Co

Beer and cars with rocket launchers, what could go wrong?

Has Newcastle Gaming ever been better?

Gaslands at West Allotment Wildlings

West Allotment Wildlings - A small club with a big heard and their first steps into vehicular carnage!

WAW Logo.png
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